The greater the rating of rubs or cycles, the more appropriate the product is for much heavier use. We classify products essentially on the test results.


Research study has shown that when a result of fewer than 1000 rubs is acquired, the product is suggested to be used for ornamental function (i.e., accents and cushion), so for that reason, this product is not suggested for basic use.


The product is extremely suggested for use on furnishings that will be used sometimes if the product offers an outcome of 10,000 to 15,000 rubs. Since the product is built delicately or the product is made of fragile yarns, the factor why the product is advised for light domestic is.


If the product provides 25,000 to 30,000 rubs, then it can be utilized for strong (on the primary furnishings in your home, which will be used day-to-day and always).

The product is appropriate for both heavy and business task use (industrial furnishings and environments) if you have more than 30,000 rubs.


Individuals have an issue when the notice has more than 50,000. The response to this is that rubs like this have little effect on the useful application. This is since the Martindale test is for abrasion just and some other elements can impact wear and tear of a product, other aspects like Chemicals used to clean the fabric, the UV direct exposure, etc., simply the method a product having high rub count indicates the product will be resistant to feline claws.


The Martindale abrasion rub test rating is worldwide acknowledged. It determines the resilience of upholstery products for basic domestic or agreement use Product is categorized by a mathematical rating to demonstrate how resilient it is.


The results of a Martindale test demonstrate how much wear and tear a product will take a visible change in look. The greater the ball game, the more resilient the product is. Ball games listed below demonstrate how ideal a product is for different upholstery uses.


A Rating Of 10,000 Or Less: Ornamental Use


A product with this rating appropriates as an ornamental product. Use for accents or cushions. Not appropriate for basic domestic or furnishings upholstery.


10,000 to 15,000: Light Domestic Use


A product with this rating appropriates for light domestic use, such as for periodic furnishings. It will be dry tidy just and is typically for products made from fragile yarns.


15,000 – 25,000: General Domestic Use


A product with this rating appropriates for basic domestic use. It appropriates for daily use on primary home furnishings. It is not ideal for products of furnishings that put a high level of tension on the product, such as a recliner chair.


25,000 – 30,000: Heavy Domestic Use


A product with this rating appropriates for high levels of daily use. It is a sturdy product that would appropriate for light industrial use and products such as reclining chairs and other movement furnishings.


30,000 Or More: Commercial Use


A rating of 30,000 or more methods that a product is business-grade can be utilized on strong furnishings and would appropriate for any business environment.


What The Martindale Test Doesn’t Tell You


The Martindale test determines to endure a product, but it does not check for UV light, chemicals, dirt, or animal claws or spots. All of these and the product structure, furnishings style, and upkeep will also impact the durability of your furnishings.